BG diaspora.
Культурно-просветительская организация
болгар в Москве.

Наша цель – поиск добрых сердец и терпеливых воль, которые рассеют навязанный нам извне туман недоверия и восстановят исконную теплую дружбу между нашими народами в ее подлинности и полноте.
февруари 2020
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Экскурсия в Болгарию в 1965м году

Английский, потрясающе качественный и интересный фильм.

A travelogue item going to various locations around Bulgaria. L/S of church tower at Kalofer, tilt down to women in traditional costumes folk dancing. Various shots of girls dancing and scattering petals. C/U of a girl tucking a rose in her hair. One of the girls is crowned as the Rose Queen – she looks very serious. L/S of a green valley filled with rose bushes. Various shots of the girls picking roses. Panning shot follows a horse and cart, filled with roses, it goes beneath a Cyrillic sign into the Rozina perfume factory. Interior. M/S of men tipping baskets of roses into vats. C/U of a factory worker. Top shot of a basket of petals. Various shots of the production of perfume – looks a lot like a whiskey distillery. M/S of an elderly monk drawing water from a well. Various shots of an ancient monastery in a scenic green valley. M/S of a monk reading under cloisters – he has a long beard and square hat, looks typically Russian Orthodox. Various shots of a monk ringing several bells at once – he stands on a wooden platform and pulls different ropes – looks very strenuous! Another monk, also on the platform, drums on a long plank of wood. M/S of an old monk walking through a courtyard banging a piece of wood – with the bells, it is the monks call to prayer. M/S of a monk looking upwards, tilt up to grapes on a vine. Various shots of a masked monk collecting honey from a hive. Various shots of women picking green strawberries in punnets and placing them on a van. C/U of a woman drinking from a raffia bottle. Various shots of men forking hay. Various shots of a tractor hoeing a field. M/S of Cyrillic road signs, pan to show man leading a buffalo drawn hay cart. Point of view shot looking out of an airborne aeroplane porthole at the wing. Various shots of passengers disembarking at Sofia airport, good C/U of a uniformed official standing in front of terminal. Various street scenes around Sofia showing trams and tower blocks. Low angled shot of gold domed Cathedral. L/S of T.V. tower (bit like Post Office Tower). M/S of old man selling lottery tickets in the street. More general street scenes. Various shots of stalls in market selling quaint trinkets . L/S of impressive Georgi Dimitrov mausoleum, various shots of white uniformed guards outside. M/S of vine covered balconies looking over pretty cobbled street. Various L/Ss of Turnovo – lots of houses crowded on a cliff side, a river runs beneath. M/S of folk singers in traditional dress leading a party of tourists in the hills for a barbecue. Various shots of tourists being served traditional dishes and drinking wine from a wood flask, a man is seen cooking kebabs over a fire. The tourists are served the kebabs and other dishes as they sit at long tables under wooden shelters. Various L/Ss of modern sky scraping hotels. M/S of a couple sitting on a veranda looking over a sandy beach. C/U of camels feet, various shots of man leading a woman on a camel along the beach. The man helps the woman down and they run, hand in hand, into the sea. M/S of children going down slides into a concrete beach paddling pool. Various shots of people on the beach – sun bathing and playing with beach balls. Various shots of people on pedal boats in the sea. M/S of people dining on a restaurant balcony overlooking the hills. C/U of a couple’s hands holding up tiny cups to meet, pan to a bottle of rose liqueur. More shots of the folk dancers (as seen in record a) scattering petals as they follow the a horse and cart carrying the Rose Queen. Cuts exist – please see separate records. FILM ID:337.01 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT’S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES.

High angle L/S of group of musicians in a parkland setting. Beside them are a group of men without instruments. All wear traditional Bulgarian costume. A group of dancing girls enter the frame. They wear traditional costume and dance waving scarves to traditional Bulgarian music. The traditional folk dance apparently originates from the merrymaking at wedding ceremonies. Various shots of the dancing and of the musicians. The men join in the dancing. Various shots of the dance which includes lots of jumping. C/U of unusual string instrument being played. Three of the male dancers do a funny routine of shuffling along the ground on their bottoms. C/U of three men playing bagpipe style instruments. Narrator explains the history of this dancing troupe – it is their first appearance in Britain. C/Us of some of the women dancers. L/S of the dancing & C/U of two women dancing together and smiling. The dancing continues – the costumes are highly embroidered. Note: dance troupe is The Bulgarian State Song and Dance Company. FILM ID:29.2 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT’S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES.